Thursday, March 10, 2016

Two of My Plays Premier in This Weekend's NJ One-Minute Play Festival

This weekend, on March 12 and 13, the One-Minute Play Festival will make its annual return to New Jersey. This year, playwrights from across the state were asked to write plays that investigate the questions: Who are we? What is our relationship to each other? To our community? To our work?

Answers to these big questions must fit into plays that are one minute or less. The plays are then rehearsed and performed in quick succession, fifty in all, by five groups of actors . It's super high energy and like nothing you've ever witnessed before.

I was fortunate again this year to be asked to provide two plays, and continue to focus on various takes on climate change.

In "Team Spirit", I contrast the stark pessimism and fatalism permeating our collective non-response to the challenge of climate change with the collective "can do" spirit constantly on display in team sports, where selflessness and sacrifice are seen as ennobling.  In the "World Super-Sustainability Eat Fewer Oysters Championship", I explore how we might define ourselves in ways other than through what we consume.

Check it out at the Luna Stage, 555 Valley Rd, West Orange, NJ 07052. Saturday night and two shows on Sunday. More info below.

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