Saturday, November 24, 2018

We're Goin' to Atlantic City!

Update: A number of things conspired to make the show in Atlantic City a no-go, but the good news is that, in the process of preparing, we discovered a hidden gem of a theater right in Princeton, where we will perform Jan. 18. Thanks to Citizens Climate Lobby for leading us to the Fahs Theater. 

We'll be taking a look at that big gamble in the sky as the Climate Cabaret heads to Atlantic City to perform for the Citizens Climate Lobby. We'll play some sustainable jazz, sing some climate-adapted standards like My Climate Valentine. Titania will deliver her prescient forebodings from 1595 about a "distemperature" that is our doing. The Tense Family will argue over whether the future is imperative or conditional. And, just in case you missed it on the radio, King George VI may even show up to rally us to a great calling.

The date for our show is Saturday evening, January 26, at the Claridge Hotel.

Our performance is part of the 2019 Citizens' Climate Lobby Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference:
Gambling with Climate Risk: bipartisan challenges and opportunities. Friday, January 25, 3pm - Sunday, January 27, 12pm
Atlantic City, NJ

While in Atlantic City, place your bet on the environmental ethic being demonstrated by the Atlantic City wastewater treatment plant, which blows many a municipality away with its green features. The wind generator in the photo is one of three seen by a delegation of Princetonians during a tour of the Atlantic City wastewater treatment plant five years ago. 

Thanks to our local chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby, led by Callie Hancock, for making this national organization aware of the Climate Cabaret's theatrical take on climate change.