Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dystopia's Lackey and The Marriage of Ignorance and Arrogance

The 8th annual New Jersey One-Minute Play Festival brought together 8 directors and 40 actors to perform 60 one-minute plays by 30 playwrights. No small organizational feat, but #1MPF, which I believe was conceived in NJ, does this all over the country and overseas.

Again this year I supplied two plays having to do with climate change. One is a dark chant, in which the characters are relentlessly pulling carbon out of the ground, encouraged by indifferent leaders and an economy that is blind to future consequence. Finally, one actor stops and, getting the others' attention, says she's tired of being dystopia's lackey.

 The other play is a satirical version of a marriage between ignorance and arrogance, after which the minister tells everyone present, "You may now kiss the future ... goodbye."

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