Friday, April 14, 2017

Upcoming Performance at Stonebridge: CO2--We're An It

The Climate Cabaret will hold forth at Stonebridge at Montgomery, a retirement community graced by nature's beautiful setting, with a Steinway grand on the stage. We'll perform on April 15, the week before Earthday. Maybe we should bill ourselves as "climate change: a salve for tax season". One of the new scenes in the show features a Carbon with an Oxygen on each arm. The three proceed to speak for the brilliant but mischievous molecule, CO2, which of course cannot speak for itself. Here's an excerpt. For those unfamiliar with scripts, "(beat)" is a direction to the actor to pause slightly before speaking the words.

Update: Usually performed with three, find a video of a solo version at this link.


We’re an it
Not a he,
Not a she.

Has nothin’ on us three,
Cause we’re CO2, you see.

Just a little bit of matter
That never used to matter.
You thought you knew us.

We were harmless,
We were good.
We always did what we should.

We fed the plants.
We kept the planet
Nice and warm,

In a cold,

We never did no one
No harm.
We’re just

An eentsy

Of nothin’ you can see,
Of nothin’ you can smell,
Of nothin’ you can feel.

It’s hard to think we’re really real.
And that we
(beat) Could steal.

(rest of sketch can be heard at this link)

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